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Grinding & Shredding

Plastic Granulator & Shredding Services With Plastic Recycling Equipment and Machinery.

All of our locations have the full range of recycling equipment. Our grinders range from 15 t o 150 HP, and can handle molder scrap of sprues and runners up to very large molded parts. We can also take care of small to medium size purges.


One of our best traits as a company is our flexibility. From low bulk density or high bulk density, small parts or big parts, our plastic shredder service can handle your needs better than any competitor.


We are able to easily change particle sizes, through fast & cost efficient screen changes. Our facilities are designed to ensure ease of operation – depending on your material, we simply adjust the machinery to meet your needs and then execute the process by continuously feeding the material via the conveyor.


Our machines are from the best and come with an ease of maintenance. This means that our plastic shredding service machinery have efficient handling, cleaning, which equals a consistent and max output on a regular basis which helps us achieve consistent results. We reduce the amount of hold ups and delays in your manufacturing process by excelling all the time, not just some of the time.

That’s how we can get your plastics & resins back to your product manufacturing process at the fastest rate possible. That’s what closed loop recycling should be about; reliable services to support your manufacturing process without any delays or hiccups in the process and that’s what IEI accomplishes for your business.

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© Copyright 2017 SPS Plastics. All Rights Reserved.
© Copyright 2017 SPS Plastics. All Rights Reserved.