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Customized Sustainability

Closed Loop Recycling

A closed-loop plastics recycling system, or one in which scrap material is taken from a processing line, in a factory manufacturing a single product from one resin type and in one color, can be quite simple. Scrap is simply removed from the line, fed into a shredder, grinder or granulator and reduced to the appropriate size, then conveyed back to the start of the production line, where it is reintroduced as is, or more often blended with virgin resins prior to being reintroduced to the production process.

Designing for Recyclability

SPS assists our customers who strive to eliminate waste. It benefits the customer to understand how items are recycled and what it takes to accomplish this within their business. Being established officially as Zero Waste/Landfill business is a challenging but rewarding accomplishment, and SPS can help you achieve this by designing the perfect program to reduce waste, add valuable reusable materials back into the product lifecycle, and change the way your employees, colleagues, and investors view your business as a forward thinking and efficient enterprise.

Here at SPS, we offer a step by step instructional approach on how to achieve some of your recycling needs within your business. We are able to show you how you, as a retailer, producer, manufacturer, or supplier on how to imbed a designed solution and get your company closer to becoming a zero waste company.

Whether your goal is to eliminate waste altogether or increase your diversion rate as a way to take an additional step towards reaching zero landfill, our experts will work directly with you to devise, and design a program which will ultimately result in considerable cost savings.

When you are have a custom designed program that is geared towards recycling, material resuse, closed loop solutions, waste minimization, you will see that you save your company money and are able to join the fleet of many companies aiming for the zero waste goals. Companies like Subaru have done this through many years of hard work, and started with the largest sources of waste going to the smallest sources and eventually achieved their zero waste goals.

See our case studies to learn more about how we've helped some of the companies we have worked with.

From government/federal offices to manufacturing facilities and more, organizations with the highest sustainability objectives are aiming to create no waste at all – and they are succeeding. Get involved, and take action to become a zero waste and contact us so we can see what we can do for you.

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© Copyright 2017 SPS Plastics. All Rights Reserved.