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Desiccant and hot forced air dryers eliminate moisture issues with plastic materials. We also do toll drying for small lots up to full truckload quantities.

Drying is part of the process which is crucial and necessary for the preparation of polyesters that reach the injection molding facilities. Polymers, both polyester and polycondensation types, are prone to absorbing moisture from the air and when they are not cared and dried for, can react poorly with the molten polymer at the processing temperatures which will in turn lose molecular weight.

Splay may not be noticeable but the actual physical properties may be lower due to the additional moisture in the process if not properly dried. We use top of the line driers in our facilities to ensure the plastic is sent to your manufacturing facility in the best condition for molding processes.

We have small and large vertical balers, balers for fiber and film feedstock, as well as for small and large molded parts.

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© Copyright 2017 SPS Plastics. All Rights Reserved.